Titan Adjustable Weight Bench – 1000 LB Capacity – Incline Decline Flat Review

Titan Adjustable FID Weight Bench, 1000 LB. Capacity

Titan Adjustable Weight Bench

This is a late 2017 hot new release FID fully adjustable weight bench with an impressive 1000 pound capacity by Titan. You can use it in three different positions of flat, incline and decline and change easily. Both the backrest and seat are adjustable for height and your comfort with the shin easy to put on and off.

The 1000-lb weight capacity is achieved by the very sturdy and durable 11 gauge two times two inches of steel frame along with the two times three inches of the support beam. It also comes with the built-in foam leg rollers that can be adjusted between 5 and 11 inches. It is pretty comfortable with the three-inch-thick seat and back cushions.

For what it is, in terms of quality, functionality, and comfort it is one of the more affordable benches in its class. You can take advantage of the six different angles on the backrest so you can target slightly different muscles and get better results. This also allows you to add a bit of variety to your workout routine.

Black with silver base Titan FID Weight Bench weighs about 72 pounds with a 1000 lb. total weight capacity including the user and the weights and measures 18.7 x 22 x 55 inches overall with a 49-inch long bench. The frame is gray color and the padding is black and looks pretty modern overall.

Titan Adjustable Weight Bench with 1000 pounds Capacity

It is quite easy to put together with all the parts, tools and instructions included in the package. As the name suggests this bench can be used in the decline position, but there is only one decline angle available for you as you can see in the product photo, which is all the way down.

There is a gap of 3.5 inches between the two pads on the backrest and the seat at the flat angle. So in that position, it is best sitting on the seat and not in between. And this gap will obviously be less when you move the backrest all the way up to the upright military position. You will get pretty decent customer support if anything goes wrong or if you need assistance.

The U shaped legs are good for stability but can also sometimes be a little of a problem for where to put your legs. Please don’t forget that this is a very well constructed bench with an almost commercial gym build quality. Instructions could also be clearer but the bench is still easy enough to assemble. It is much better than those cheaper benches and is certainly very good value for money.

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