Titan Power Tower Bench Workout Station Pull Up Dip Station Home Gym Review

Titan Power Tower Bench Workout Station

Titan Power Tower Bench Workout Station Pull Up Dip Station Home Gym

Titan Power Tower Bench is a solid and sturdy 2016 model workout station by Titan Fitness with a full size solid and comfy bench, a pull-up and dip station that includes push-up handles, pull up bar with a multi-grip functionality and weight holders that are adjustable. It offers a decent home gym solution as a heavy duty product that weighs 99 pounds with a total weight capacity of 350 pounds and has a space saving design- measures 79.5L x 34W x 86.5H inches with a 43.5 inch long bench- it will fit in a standard or small room or your garage easily, is not high like some other power towers and is reasonably easy to relocate. What you have here on the PT Bench is the power tower of Titan Fitness that you may be familiar with and includes some add-ons so you can do your bench press, dips, pull-ups, abdominal and a variety of other exercises for your back, chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps.

Titan Power Tower Bench Pull Up Dip Station Home Gym

Titan Power Tower/Bench is a nice looking unit that feels very safe and sturdy overall with the high strength steel tube as you would want something you can trust to support your body weight and offers good quality and value for money. It is obviously sent unassembled and includes lots of washers, screws, bolts and tools and step by step instructions to put it together. But these pieces are not all marked and you need to be careful in not losing them. Instructions and the chart are not perfect but OK and you will need to have to use some common sense as long as you have all the screws and bolts. Having said that if you do not have any experience in assembling stuff then you may certainly need some help from someone that does as it can get a little confusing. Just make sure you tighten all the bolts after the assembly. It is nice to have a bench attached to the tower station along with the other attachments at the back to help work on different muscles of your body by using your own bodyweight. And it is also priced reasonably with the number of exercises you can do with it, the design, functionality, versatility and the great build quality. The only thing we can criticize is that instructions and the chart could be a bit better.

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