Confidence Fitness NHCFV-2000 Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Review


Confidence Fitness NHCFV-2000 Full Body Vibration Platform Confidence Fitness NHCFV-2000 is a best-selling, made in USA, full body vibration platform with a slim, compact and very modern design, a large and user-friendly LCD display panel with easy navigation like you’d find on a decent fitness equipment like a treadmill or an arc trainer, with speed … Read more

TOMSHOO Multifunctional Vibration Platform Review


TOMSHOO Multifunctional Vibration Plate This is a complete multifunctional vibration platform with a modern design and a 200 watt power (120V) motor and three-dimensional vibrations, for relaxation and massage, stretching, exercising both the lower and upper body with the elastic resistance bands provided, shaping your body, toning muscles, weight loss- both calories and fat, improving … Read more

Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform 2016 Model 1000W 99 Speeds Review


Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform- 1000W 99 Speeds  The 2016 model Merax Vibration Platform we’re reviewing on this page is designed for your whole body with a powerful 1000 watt power eco silent drive motor (110V / 60Hz voltage) that enables 99 speeds for different levels of intensity (triangular oscillation frequency), for weight loss, muscle … Read more

Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Review


Merax ME560 Whole Body Vibration Platform Merax ME560 is a heavy duty and modern, hot new release vibration platform with a powerful 1500 watt (110V / 60Hz) eco silent drive motor and 60 speeds (good range and power) for the whole body, for massage, fitness, weight loss, exercise, muscle strengthening, toning and building and cellulite … Read more

Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review


Merax Dual Motor 3D Vibration Platform The latest release Merax 3D Vibration Platform is quite modern, user-friendly and powerful with two motors and a solid silica mat surface. It gives you the feeling that you’re surfing or swaying with the dual motor 3D mode vibrations and you can actually adjust the settings manually or automatically … Read more